The Civil Justice System

In the last ten years, we have achieved real successes in implementing changes designed to improve the civil justice process, particularly in regards to efficiency and cost. No small feat.

Together with our partners and experts, we spearheaded a civil justice reform movement that today sweeps across federal and state courts. We have been involved in doing intensive research, implementing and measuring significant pilot projects and rule changes, and developing recommendations for rules and case management improvements. We have worked across the nation in dozens of states and in both the federal and state systems. That essential groundwork has put the country on the road to profound permanent changes that demand a proportional, effective, and well-managed process for every case. Such change was unimaginable just five years ago.

But it is only the beginning of true reform.

In February 2016, we will bring together our partners to chart the course for implementation of these changes. It is, of course, not enough to pass new rules—the next step is to assure that they actually be applied in every court, in every case, and for every litigant. We must change the culture in order to change the system.