Our Future

We have a strong base here at IAALS. We have a Law Firm Council consisting of firms who support our efforts. We have a Business Leadership Network, and a variety of task forces and Advisory Committees. We have a national and diverse Board of Advisors. We are known for competence, thoroughness, impartiality, and innovation.

We make things happen.

We act, while others talk.

Upon that foundation, in the next five years, we intend to build the contours of a new system. A system that is service-oriented, responsive, efficient, and ready to serve.

  • We will shepherd the adoption of new rules, and new techniques for managing cases.
  • We will remain vigilant to the need for judicial impartiality and accountability.
  • We will change family courts to put families and children first.
  • And we will change legal education to meet the needs of an evolving profession.

Ours is daunting work. But, we are resolute, committed, and buoyed by our successes to date.

Join us. Engage with us. Help us make a better future for the American legal system.