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Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System


In This Section

Our team is advancing solutions for tomorrow's legal system.

Annual Report

We are passionate about our work and the legal system we defend. See inside for more about our work.

Executive Director Message

In 2006, we opened our doors in a small office on campus at the University of Denver. We had a clear sense of our mission: advance a more accessible, efficient, and accountable legal system. But we also had a healthy understanding of the enormity of the task.

Now, we are a thriving entity with a full-time, highly qualified staff, complemented by a group of exceptional consultants. More importantly, we have made inroads.

The American legal system is in crisis, the causes of which are complex and interrelated. We select high-impact areas that can benefit from a research methodology that supports continuous improvement.

Our methodology is rigorous and effective: we collect the right data and convene the right people to develop recommendations that empower stakeholders around the country to implement measurable models in their jurisdictions. Then we measure the results and start again, creating a continuous cycle of improvement.

We hope that this website is a place where innovators get new ideas, contacts with others with similar problems, and inspiration. This website is our voice, our library and our outreach. All of it depends upon you – for your support, your collaboration, your ideas and observations. We welcome you to these pages, and we ask for your involvement in our work.

Rebecca Love Kourlis
IAALS Executive Director


IAALS - Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System

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