Rebuilding Justice
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Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System


In This Section

Our team is advancing solutions for tomorrow's legal system.

Annual Report

We are passionate about our work and the legal system we defend. See inside for more about our work.

Our Process

We are a “think tank” that goes one step further—we are practical and solution oriented. Our specialty is the development and application of innovative solutions for the toughest problems facing our courts and profession, and we work with groups around the country to achieve our mission.

Our process is at the core of our success.  It allows us to focus our efforts where we can have the most impact, and to stay on the cutting edge—involved with the issues that mean the most to the most people.

  • Research
    We conduct comprehensive analysis, including original empirical and legal research; and we compile existing research.
  • Recommended Models
    We work with stakeholders to develop innovative models designed to address the areas of concern in our legal system.
  • Implementation
    We empower decision-makers across the country to implement those models, through collaboration, consulting, and communications.
  • Measurement
    We then measure for outcomes and impact, seek feedback, and refine the recommendations, as needed, to achieve maximum benefit to all.

These steps are our keys to advancing a trusted American legal system that is always improving, always accessible, and always serving the people.

IAALS - Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System

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