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Hunter Metcalf
23 February 2016
Are the days of retainers and hourly rate billing for legal services over? Probably not, but Avvo, Inc., may be leading the industry in this...
Carolyn A. Tyler
22 February 2016
This year marks the 10th anniversary of IAALS’ work to continuously improve America’s legal system and reestablish it as the aspirational model for justice globally. To mark this milestone, IAALS celebrates both its accomplishments and its bright future, all while tackling the most critical issues of the day. Having a trusted and trustworthy legal system is essential to our democracy, our economy, and our freedom. IAALS staff, founders, partners, sponsors, and advisors all recognize that to earn that trust, the legal system must be just, impartial, and responsive.
Alli Gerkman
19 February 2016
I read my first legal blog in 2004 when, as a new lawyer, I saw Kevin O’Keefe present at a legal conference in Las Vegas. He talked about how lawyers...
Zachary Willis
17 February 2016
In January, Law Week Colorado covered Denver’s new Center for Out-of-Court Divorce . The Center, based on IAALS’ recommended model for child- and...
Debra Erenberg
11 February 2016
On the occasion of IAALS’ 10th anniversary, I’ve been reflecting on the strength of our partnership over the years, and on the value of that partnership as our shared work for fair, high quality courts takes on ever-greater significance. Justice at Stake is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to keep America's courts fair and impartial. We work for reforms to keep politics and special interests out of the courtroom—so judges can protect our Constitution, our rights, and the rule of law. As you can see, our mission aligns pretty perfectly with that of IAALS and its Quality Judges Initiative .
Rebecca Love Kourlis
10 February 2016
At the mid-winter Conference of Chief Justices meeting in late January, the Civil Justice Improvements Committee presented its draft recommendations...
Hunter Metcalf
3 February 2016
Likened to an emergency tool kit for divorce, is one of many online divorce support groups that have been appearing in recent years...
Hunter Metcalf
29 January 2016
Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Consortium member Touro Law Center has released the second issue of its Journal of Experiential Learning . The issue...
Francis M. Wikstrom
28 January 2016
Over the last decade, it has been a great pleasure to work with IAALS on efforts to improve our legal process and to change our legal culture. Chief Justice John Roberts devoted his recent “2015 Year-End Report on the Federal Judiciary” to a discussion of the groundbreaking amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The Chief Justice began with a description of the practice of dueling in the early 1800s and the public disgust with this means of dispute resolution that led to a wider use of the courts for resolving disputes. And, he alluded to a similar distaste for modern litigation practices characterized by “antagonistic tactics, wasteful procedural maneuvers, and teetering brinksmanship” for “wearing down opponents with creatively burdensome discovery requests or evading legitimate requests through dilatory tactics.” Clearly, there is growing recognition that we are ripe for a change in legal culture.
Rebecca Love Kourlis
21 January 2016
In April, there will be a vacancy on the U.S. District Court for Colorado due to the impending retirement of Judge Robert Blackburn. As with all...
Carolyn A. Tyler
15 January 2016
John Moye , IAALS co-founder and Board of Advisors member, was recently honored with the coveted National Association of Secretaries of State...
Hunter Metcalf
14 January 2016
The North Carolina Bar Association is exploring how tweaks in its judicial evaluation process can have real impact on results. As recommended by both...