These resources include materials from the conference, as well as speaker videos and presentations.

Conference Video

  1. Three Questions About the Future of Legal Education—What Are Your Answers?

Public Advocates Inc.

  1. Law Fellow/Staff Attorney Core Competencies

William D. Henderson

  1. A Blueprint for Change
  2. Flipping the Switch

Rachel M. Zahorsky & William D. Henderson

  1. Who's Eating Law Firms' Lunch?

Neil W. Hamilton

  1. Law-Firm Competency Models and Student Professional Success

American Bar Association Task Force on the Future of Legal Education

  1. Draft Report and Recommendations: ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education - Sept. 20, 2013

Samuel Estreicher

  1. The Roosevelt-Cardozo Way: The Case for Bar Eligibility After Two Years of Law School

Clinical Legal Education Association

  1. CLEA Comment & Proposal to Require 15 Credits in Experiential Courses

Richard Susskind

  1. Tomorrow's Lawyers

Michael Hunter Schwartz, Gerald F. Hess, and Sophie M. Sparrow

  1. What the Best Law Teachers Do

State Bar of California

  1. State Bar of California Task Force on Admissions Regulation Reform: Phase I Final Report

James Moliterno

  1. The American Legal Profession in Crisis

Wes Porter

  1. Find Your VOICe Project

Jay Finkelstein

  1. Getting the Practitioner into the Classroom

Sarah Glassmeyer

  1. Open Law & Law School Innovations

Anahid Gharakhanian & Patty Powell

  1. Mindfulness in Legal Education