University of Denver


March, 2018

March 01 to March 02
IAALS brought together a balanced, expert, and respected group of judges, attorneys, scholars, and citizens from around the country to consider how judicial discipline commissions can best ensure both fairness and transparency, while maintaining a judiciary of the highest ethical caliber.

February, 2018

February 01 to February 02
Denver, Colorado

November, 2017

A Convening on Summary Judgment and Dispositive Motions
November 09 to November 10
IAALS hosted a convening at the Penrose House in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in November for a small group of judges, attorneys, and scholars from around the country focused on the current challenges of summary judgment and dispositive motions practice, and solutions designed to decrease cost and delay.

October, 2017

From Ideation to Implementation
October 26 to October 27
What if in two days we could bring together leaders across North America to create paths that help close the justice gap through unbundled legal services? This conference brought together those dedicated to improving access to justice in order to have highly interactive exchanges that will lay the foundation for the creation of strategic plans for a broader implementation of unbundled legal services.
October 19 to October 20
Denver, Colorado
6th Annual Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Conference
October 05 to October 07
As the institutions entrusted with educating lawyers, law schools are uniquely positioned to ensure that new lawyers are not only prepared to enter the profession, but also to serve clients. The 2017 Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference put clients front and center by exploring client needs; by showcasing lawyers, organizations, and others leading the way to improved delivery of legal services; and by tapping into the collective wisdom of innovative legal educators to bring these concepts to life in law schools..

September, 2017

September 19
Denver, Colorado
Sharing Lessons Learned and a Vision for the Future
September 11
This one-day gathering brought together people interested in discussing and learning more about the history, launch, and lessons learned of COCD’s innovative service model for families transitioning during divorce or separation, and helped foster an engaging exchange of ideas about similar efforts around the country and the sharing of information and experiences regarding out-of-court models for divorce and separation.

April, 2017

The Cable Center | 2000 Buchtel Blvd., Denver, Colorado 80210
April 20
On April 20, 2017, IAALS will hold its annual Rebuilding Justice Award Dinner, which recognizes individuals who exemplify the spirit of innovation and leadership that we champion across all of our work. This year, we will honor El Pomar Foundation, the generous donor that has made our signature DIAALOGUES series of convenings possible.
April 20 to April 21
Denver, Colorado
April 07
Denver, Colorado

March, 2017

March 19 to March 20
Phoenix, Arizona