University of Denver


December, 2014

December 02
New York, New York

November, 2014

November 13 to November 14
IAALS convened a group of senior in-house counsel and corporate management from around the country to discuss the challenges surrounding discovery in litigation. The convening provided an opportunity to discuss the current challenges and ways in which the costs of discovery can be controlled for all involved in the civil justice system.

October, 2014

October 23 to October 24
Denver, Colorado
October 10
Denver, Colorado

September, 2014

September 24
"A Discussion of the Proposed Federal Rules Changes" with Judge David G. Campbell, U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. Held in Phoenix, Arizona.
3rd Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference
September 18 to September 20
Traditional notions of assessment in legal education have limited our capacity to truly measure whether law students are receiving the education and training they need to enter the profession. This conference demonstrated how assessment can be used for teaching, for learning, and as support for law schools and educators when developing new or innovative models.
September 16
Denver, Colorado
September 10
Denver, Colorado
September 03
In advance of the 2014 judicial elections, IAALS offered a webinar conducted by a social media expert for members of the JPE Working Group , to offer strategies and tips for using social media and other inexpensive tools to share JPE results with voters.

August, 2014

August 07 to August 08
Denver, Colorado

July, 2014

July 10 to July 11
Denver, Colorado

June, 2014

June 19
Denver, Colorado