Finally, we were interested in identifying any differences in the helpfulness of hiring criteria based on a respondent’s geographic region.(21) About one-third of respondents reported practicing in the Midwest (32%) and another third practiced in the South (32%); about one-quarter practiced in the West (24%), while the remainder (12%) practiced in the Northeast.(22)

Figure 12: Region (n = 24072)


Analysis by respondent region largely demonstrates consistency in respondents’ views of the helpfulness of each of the hiring criteria. The top ten most helpful hiring criteria in each region include all eight practical experience criteria, with two academic experience or achievement criteria occupying the last two slots.

Figure 13: Top Ten Hiring Criteria for Region


In further demonstration of consistency across regions, more than 70% of respondents in each region considered each of the practical experience criteria to be helpful. Moreover, there is little variation in the proportion of respondents in each region indicating each criterion is either somewhat or very helpful.

Analysis by geographic region showed that, of the seventeen hiring criteria, there were no significant results for four criteria; there were statistically, but not practically, significant results for the remaining thirteen criteria. There were no results that were both statistically and practically significant.

Table 5: Statistical and Practical Significance in Region Analysis


Figure 14: Proportion of Respondents Indicating Somewhat or Very Helpful for All Hiring Criteria, Region



21.  Geographic regions are based upon US Census regions. Regions and Divisions, U.S. CENSUS BUREAU,

22.  Respondents who reported practicing outside the United States (0.3%) were removed from this analysis.