Honoring Families

Divorce, separation, and custody cases are the way in which the vast majority of Americans will be involved with our courts, in one way or another, over the course of their lives. The IAALS Honoring Families Initiative is dedicated to promoting new ways to handle these issues that ensure better outcomes for children, less-adversarial approaches for spouses/parents, and greater accessibility, efficiency, and fairness for everyone involved in the family court process, including those who navigate the system without a lawyer.

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Honoring Families recently convened a diverse cross-section of the national family law bar, with the goal of identifying and discussing improvements...
In partnership with the AFCC, we have developed a series of toolkits on unbundled legal services for attorneys, courts, and others.
Our study is exploring how self-represented litigants in family court navigate and experience the legal process.
Our Center provides positive solutions for families in transition and offers a suite of interdisciplinary services, all in one location.
Family court judges make significant decisions affecting our nation's families, yet these judges are often undervalued—even by their peers on the...

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The National Center for Access to Justice at Cardozo Law School recently released the Justice Index 2016 —an updated version of the 2014 Index. The...
Despite efforts by courts, communities, and bar associations around the country, there remains a serious need for tools that provide self-represented...
In a recent Colorado Public Radio/Colorado Matters story, the Center for Out-of-Court Divorce was featured as a promising alternative to the...
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