Different Pathways for Separation and Divorce

For families who require or would benefit from the court’s core judicial functions (such as fact-finding, enforcement, and protection), access to the courts must be prompt and consistent. For many families, however, the adversarial court process can damage an already fragile relationship between spouses/parents, and expose children to unnecessary conflict. Instead of being in court, many separating or divorcing families would benefit most from information and problem-solving assistance. 

The Honoring Families Initiative is dedicated to ensuring that every family has access to an approach for reorganizing that is best suited to their needs and that empowers them to work together for the benefit of children. Honoring Families also recognizes that institutions in the community, beyond the courts, play an important role in helping families through divorce and separation. In order to provide families with the tools they need to resolve their disputes and reorganize their family themselves, IAALS is developing alternatives to the traditional, adversarial court process that are built on a court-community partnership.

The first of these alternatives is our out-of-court process for separation and divorce, and we are committed to forging additional, innovative pathways for these families.

Our Center provides positive solutions for families in transition and offers a suite of interdisciplinary services, all in one location.