The Future of the Family Bar

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The family law practitioner handles the most important case types—those involving families and children in our community—and these attorneys can be at the forefront of helping parents and children reorganize in the healthiest manner possible following separation or divorce.

The Honoring Families Initiative is engaging the diverse segments of the family law bar to develop better solutions that ensure positive outcomes for children through separation or divorce. In 2015, a two-day, interactive Family Bar Summit, entitled "Shaping the System for the Families We Serve," yielded a number of themes and recommendations applicable for reshaping divorce and separation processes. The national event also created momentum for local Summits, where diverse family law practitioners can continue the conversation on how the system might be realigned to meet the needs of the families it serves.

Given their unique role in the family justice system, family law attorneys are well positioned to identify and speak to the systemic obstacles they...