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Message from Our Executive Director

Rebecca Love KourlisWe are in the midst of busy season here at IAALS. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was our guest two weeks ago, followed closely by our 2nd Annual Educational Summit for State Court Judges. This week we'll be hosting legal educators and practitioners from around the country to discuss the future of legal education. The list of participants and attendees is impressive and we are sure to have some very productive dialogues and outcomes to share with you soon.

Rebecca Love Kourlis, IAALS Executive Director
October 2013

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Justice O’Connor Visits IAALS and Denver/Boulder

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor spent a few days last week with us here at IAALS, where we held a meeting of the O’Connor Advisory Committee to the Quality Judges Initiative. We focused our attention primarily on the composition and transparency of nominating commissions and the kinds of projects we could undertake to determine whether either of those factors impact public trust and confidence in the system.

Justice O’Connor also headlined the John Paul Stevens Lecture in Boulder about her life and career.

Click here to read more about Justice O'Connor's visit.

ABA Task Force Releases Draft Report on Future of Legal Education

The ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education has released its draft report, which highlights proposals and conclusions related to changes in the pricing of legal education, liberalizing or eliminating certain accreditation standards, speeding the pace of innovation and practical-skills training at law schools, and using non-lawyers to achieve broader delivery of law-related services.

Chair Randall T. Shepard will present the Task Force’s proposals to more than 80 legal educators at the 2nd Annual Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Conference in Denver on October 4.

Click here to read more about the Draft Report and the Conference.

The Keys to Unlocking E-Discovery for State Court Judges

The front lines of electronic discovery are moving beyond the federal courts. In a world where everyone with a smart phone is a custodian of electronic information, the problems of e-discovery affect all types of litigants in all types of cases. E-discovery has arrived in the state courts, and the problems there are every bit as big, and every bit as complicated, as they are in federal court.

On September 19th and 20th, state court judges and e-discovery experts from around the country gathered to discuss the challenges that e-discovery poses for state courts. The Summit was co-hosted by IAALS and the NJC.

Click here to read more about the themes that emerged from the Summit.

New Out-of-Court Divorce Resource Center Is Part of International Trend


On September 3, the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families at the University of Denver opened its doors to metro-area families. The Center is a model for providing interdisciplinary, out-of-court solutions to separating and divorcing families. This IAALS “out-of-court model” is part of an international trend towards less adversarial separation and divorce processes. Similar endeavors are also taking place in Ireland and Australia.

Click here to read more about the Resource Center and similar projects abroad.

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