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Not Above the Law: IAALS Provides New Recommendations for Judicial Discipline

Rebecca Love Kourlis
Zachary Willis
Public trust and confidence in our judiciary, and our judges, is vital. Yet, over the last several decades, that trust has been eroded. For people to trust judges again, we must ensure a series of pillars are in place: improved ways of selecting judges; improved ways of evaluating judges’ performance; and improved...

Honoring Families Initiative Advisory Committee Meets to Chart Path for Work

Rebecca Love Kourlis
The Advisory Committee of the Honoring Families Initiative here at IAALS met last month. The Committee, chaired by Bill Howe, a domestic relations practitioner from Oregon, is a group of multi-disciplinary, extremely experienced and skilled people—who care a great deal about families in the courts. They have been with...

Illinois Judicial College Draws Hundreds of Judges, Calls to Action

Rebecca Love Kourlis
Illinois takes judicial education seriously. In 2015, the state Supreme Court formed the Illinois Judicial College, and very recently I was honored to participate in its first full-week debut of courses. Over 400 judges participated and there were over 100 course offerings for them. At the initial plenary session,...