Our Judges

How best to select state and federal judges has been a subject of scholarly and policy debate for more than two hundred years. The debate has focused increasingly in recent years on selecting judges who share the selectors’ judicial philosophy or political ideology, and selection processes for individual judges—both appointive and elective processes—have grown more and more vitriolic and divisive as a result.

Quality Judges is making an important contribution in this area. We regularly convene ideologically and experientially diverse stakeholders to develop consensus on key principles. In this context, we have worked to build consensus on the essential qualities for the judiciary and its members and the components of selection systems that best assure such courts and judges.

In March of 2013, IAALS sponsored “An Uncommon Dialogue” about judicial selection. IAALS convened a group of thirty legal experts for two days to...
This publication answers many common questions about the court systems and judges in the United States: Why do we have both state and federal courts...