Supporting Efforts Nationwide

The Quality Judges Initiative serves as an ongoing resource to lawmakers, fair courts advocates, and thought leaders interested in judicial selection issues, and as a conduit of information and research-based recommendations for judicial performance evaluation programs around the country.

State Efforts with IAALS Involvement

California: Advised Chief Justice Ronald George’s Commission for Impartial Courts on the creation of a judicial performance evaluation program.

Colorado: Commissioned and published a report on a survey of Colorado's appellate and trial judges that gauged their opinions on the effectiveness of the state's JPE process.

Michigan: Provided resources and testimony to the Michigan Judicial Selection Task Force, which was formed to examine the system Michigan uses to select supreme court justices.

Minnesota: Serving as an ongoing resource to the Coalition for Impartial Justice regarding proposed JPE legislation. Provided resources and testimony to the Quie Commission (a.k.a. the Citizens Commission for the Preservation of an Impartial Judiciary), created to study and make recommendations regarding how best to select and retain Minnesota judges.

Missouri: Conducted a training program for the members of the state’s judicial nominating commissions.

Montana: Presented a public forum on how best to select Montana judges.

Nevada: Provided substantive and logistical support to Nevadans for Qualified Judges, the group that backed the passage of Question 1. Question 1 would have moved Nevada from nonpartisan judicial elections to the O’Connor Judicial Selection Plan.

New Hampshire: Consulted with the supreme court as it updated and expanded its JPE program based on our reports and recommendations.

New Jersey: Provided resources and testimony to the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Task Force on Judicial Independence.

New York: Published an article on the application of JPE principles and procedures to judicial screening and selection New York.

North Carolina: Advised and assisted the North Carolina Bar Association in developing a JPE program for both incumbent judges and judicial challengers.

Oklahoma: Consulting with a committee of the Oklahoma State Bar Association on the development of a JPE program for appellate judges.

Oregon: Advising the Oregon Fair Courts Network on developing a legislative proposal for judicial performance evaluation.

Utah: Provided testimony during the 2008 effort to strengthen their JPE legislation, based largely on our Blueprint for Judicial Performance Evaluation.