Featured Projects

There have been significant efforts toward reform at the state level, including the creation of numerous state task forces and pilot projects.
There has been a focused effort to address the problems with civil litigation in our federal courts, including pilot projects and other innovations.
Implementing civil justice reform at the state and federal levels to achieve maximum nationwide impact.
The Action on the Ground map provides a visual representation of the various pilot projects and rules reform efforts around the country.
Active, tailored judicial management is essential to moving a case fairly, efficiently, and economically through the process.
Electronically stored information impacts all cases, and the challenges and opportunities posed by electronic discovery cannot be ignored.
These programs are growing in popularity as jurisdictions strive to meet the needs of simpler cases with a more proportional process.
In some jurisdictions, efforts have focused on the most complex cases to address the issues of cost and delay.

More Projects

For several years, national momentum has built around pilot projects to test new civil rules and procedures. Evaluations of those tests are in.
As a starting point in addressing the issues in our civil justice system, IAALS worked to identify the problem areas, and then define them.
The civil jury trial is important to our system for so many reasons. Despite their important role, civil trials in the United States are vanishing.