Creating the Just, Speedy, and Inexpensive Courts of Tomorrow

For much of the past six years, the focus in civil justice reform has been on experimentation with pilot projects, statewide rule changes, and other types of changes around the country—and the early results of these efforts. (See our project From Recommendations to Reform)

Today we stand at the beginning of a new phase of reform. Federal Rule Amendments focused went into effect in December, 2015, after many years of hard work. At the same time, the Conference of Chief Justices just passed a resolution in July 2016, adopting the recommendations of the Civil Justice Improvements Committee, which propose broad scale reform at the state court level. Alongside these efforts, and to inform them, IAALS worked with the ACTL Task Force to look back at our 2009 Final Report and revise our recommendations to reflect the lessons learned from pilot projects and rule reforms around the country. 

We recognize that to achieve the full intended impact of these recommendations and reforms, it comes down to implementation. Thus, we find ourselves in a new phase of civil justice reform, focused on moving from a period of experimentation in select jurisdictions to one of widespread reform across the state and federal civil justice system.  With this new phase of our work comes the recognition that our current challenge is how to implement these changes and ensure they achieve their full intended impact. Along with rule changes and case management, culture change is an essential component to achieving impact.

Our Summit in February 2016 provided an opportunity to discuss the challenges of implementing change, and to chart next steps.

In February 2016, IAALS hosted its Fourth Civil Justice Reform Summit. The goal of the Summit was to bring together federal and state court judges,...
IAALS and others have catalogued and documented the case for civil justice reform over the past ten years. The results of multiple nationwide surveys...
In 2015, IAALS and the Task Force issued a new report with updated Principles to guide future innovation.
Feb 25, 2016 to Feb 26, 2016
IAALS' Fourth Civil Justice Reform Summit focused on implementing change and creating the just, speedy, and inexpensive courts of tomorrow.
Jun 19, 2015
In June 2015, IAALS will convene a group of plaintiffs’ attorneys from Colorado and around the country to discuss the present and future impact of...