The Impact of CAPP

In August 2009, a group of local practitioners and members of the Colorado judiciary began meeting in order to explore whether Colorado courts might be a viable jurisdiction for a pilot project based on the Principles from IAALS’ and the ACTL Task Force on Discovery and Civil Justice’s Final Report. The Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project (CAPP) was adopted and, beginning in 2012, five state district courts began testing the new pretrial procedures for pleading, disclosure, discovery, and case management in business cases.

At the request of the Court, IAALS evaluated the effects of the pilot project. In October 2014, IAALS released its final evaluation of the project, Momentum for Change: The Impact of the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project.

The CAPP process as a whole has succeeded in achieving many of its intended effects, including a reduced time to resolution, increased court interaction, proportional discovery and costs, and reduced motions practice. Much of the positive feedback relates to CAPP’s early, active, and ongoing judicial management of cases.

This report details IAALS' final findings on the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project (CAPP) , the state's experiment with new court procedures...