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IAALS Opens "DIAALOGUES" to Tackle Challenges Facing the American Legal System

Robert P. Thompson
IAALS is pleased to announce a $50,000 gift from El Pomar Foundation in support of a groundbreaking series of national conversations. Dubbed “DIAALOGUES,” the project allows IAALS to do what it does best—bring together the best minds in the country to forge solutions to the most pressing issues facing the American...

Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers Launches National Project to Establish Professional “Foundations” for New Lawyers

Zachary Willis
IAALS is pleased to announce "Foundations for Practice." Led by Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers , this ambitious project focuses on improving legal education and closing the gap between how students are being taught in law school and the knowledge and skills legal professionals say new graduates need to succeed.

IAALS Releases Preliminary Findings on Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project

Corina D. Gerety
IAALS is pleased to announce the completion of its preliminary evaluation report on the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project (CAPP), which tests a new set of pre-trial procedures for business actions in state district court. Our initial analysis reveals that the CAPP process as a whole has succeeded in achieving many...

As Comment Period Nears Its End, IAALS and Others Share Comments and Testimony on Proposed Federal Rules Changes

Brittany Kauffman
The last of three hearings on the proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is being held today in Dallas, Texas, and our Executive Director, Rebecca Love Kourlis, is among those testifying. IAALS has submitted a Joint Comment with the ACTL Task Force on Discovery and Civil Justice, as well as a...

New Report Recommends Courtroom Efficiency Strategies for Judges, from Judges

Zachary Willis
IAALS, in conjunction with the ACTL, has released a new report that highlights key civil case management techniques for judges that have the potential to streamline litigation in their courtrooms. Working Smarter, Not Harder: How Excellent Judges Manage Cases documents the recommendations and key practices of nearly...

Video: Three Questions About the Future of Legal Education—What Are Your Answers?

Alli Gerkman
In October, we had a room full of people abuzz with talk about the present state of legal education and its future. These were educators and practitioners who are already working together to change legal education to meet the needs of the profession. So it's not a surprise that when we asked some of them three...