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The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce

We Need Your Vote: Award for the Center for Out-of-Court Divorce

Rebecca Love Kourlis
We are reaching out to encourage you—as a supporter of our work—to vote! Recently, the Center for Out-of-Court Divorce , together with IAALS at the University of Denver, was honored to be a nominee for the 2017 American Bar Association Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access. As a nominee of the Brown Award, we are also...

Disruptive Innovation: Economist Profiles Center for Out-of-Court Divorce

Carolyn A. Tyler
Reporter Haley Cohen of The Economist recently toured the Center for Out-of-Court Divorce (COCD) in Denver and wrote about her experience in a December article titled Disruptive Innovation: A spate of start-ups offer alternatives to traditional divorce . We’re delighted to see the COCD attract international media...

On Campus, In the Community: IAALS Model Proves There is a Better Way to Divorce

Logan Cornett
We are pleased to announce the results of our evaluation of the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families (RCSDF)—the first manifestation of the IAALS Honoring Families Initiative ’s out-of-court model for separation and divorce . This non-adversarial model is designed to guide families through the process...

Redefining Access to Justice: Kourlis and Schepard on Denver’s Divorce Alternative

Mark Staines
For separating and divorcing families, access to justice can be hard to come by. Our traditional, court-driven model de-emphasizes parents’ (and children’s) long-term interests, fosters expensive legal fees, and lacks important services that can help families reorganize in a well-rounded way. But, in a recent article...

Colorado Radio Discusses Out-of-Court Divorce with Those Who Have Done It

Hunter Metcalf
In a recent Colorado Public Radio/Colorado Matters story, the Center for Out-of-Court Divorce was featured as a promising alternative to the traditional lengthy, expensive, and often contentious in-court divorce. Dr. Megan Quinn utilized the Center’s services with her ex-husband to recently finalize their divorce...

Denver Post: Center for Out-of-Court Divorce Offers New Alternative for Families

Zachary Willis
This week, the Denver Post published an article highlighting Denver’s new Center for Out-of-Court Divorce , which provides a child-focused, less-adversarial, and potentially less-costly approach for families when parents are separating. The nonprofit Center, based on the model developed by IAALS ’ Honoring Families...

Ten Years of IAALS: Taking Divorce Out of Court with Better Outcomes for Families

Guest Post
Wendy Paris
In 2012, when I first started researching Splitopia, my book on today’s good divorce, I assumed there were dearth of good ideas around for helping families transition out of marriage smoothly. It would be my job, I decided, to develop new thinking for the age-old problem of marriage’s end. Upon further investigation,...

The Center for Out-of-Court Divorce Grows into its New Home in Denver

Zachary Willis
Hunter Metcalf
In January, Law Week Colorado covered Denver’s new Center for Out-of-Court Divorce . The Center, based on IAALS’ recommended model for child- and family-centric divorce and separation services, grew out of our pilot project at the University of Denver, known as the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families...