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Implementation of CJI Committee Recommendations

States Get New Tools to Help the Civil Justice System Reform Process

Brittany Kauffman
Across the nation, states are reforming the civil justice system. They are taking action in response to the Conference of Chief Justices' (CCJ) and Conference of State Court Administrators' (COSCA) endorsement of 13 recommendations focused on ensuring our courts are affordable, efficient, and fair for all. States are...

IAALS Talks Modernizing State Courts in Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

Heather Buchanan
In a recent article for Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, IAALS Executive Director Rebecca Love Kourlis and Rule One Initiative Director Brittany Kauffman discuss how state court and bar leaders across the country are gearing up for major civil justice reforms using the recently released Roadmap for Implementation. The...

Civil Justice Roadmap for State Innovation Gaining Momentum and Participation

Heather Buchanan
In an article published earlier this month, Law Week Colorado covered the new roadmap for civil justice reform developed by IAALS and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). The two organizations announced their "Roadmap for Implementation" in May, on the heels of the Conference of Chief Justice (CCJ)'s...

Efforts to Transform America's Civil Justice System Hit the Ground Running

Carolyn A. Tyler
The effort to create a 21st Century system of justice is advancing. Today, IAALS, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, and the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) announced the release of a new Roadmap to guide states as they implement sweeping changes to make state courts more efficient...