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District of Arizona Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Project

Beginning on May 1, 2017, the District of Arizona will be participating in a three-year pilot project to study the potential cost savings that standardized initial discovery requests can have on civil litigation. The program is known as the Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot Project (MIDP).

The program, adopted under General Order 17-08, will require both parties to disclose both favorable and unfavorable information that is relevant to their claims and defenses, regardless of the parties intent to use the information. This Order is more robust than the initial disclosures that are currently required under Rule 26(a)(1). It will also require the parties to provide notice of service to the Court so that the Court can monitor for compliance.

The Federal Judicial Center (FJC) has compiled a checklist of the requirements required by the pilot project to assist the parties, videos that introduce the pilots and speak to their purpose, as well as a user’s manual that talks about the key features of the MIDP as well as its requirements.

A similar pilot project has begun in the Northern District of Illinois.

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