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District of Nevada: Short Trial Program

The District of Nevada adopted General Order 2013-01, which implemented a Short Trial Program, in March 2013. The order designated Magistrate Judge George W. Foley, Jr. as the administrator of the program for the Unofficial Southern Division of the Court and Magistrate Judge William G. Cobb as the administrator for the Unofficial Northern Division of the Court. The Short Trial Rules include the express purpose of expediting “civil trials (both bench trials and jury trials) through procedures designed to control the length of the trial, including, without limitation, restrictions on discovery, the use of smaller juries, and time limits for presentation of evidence.” Unless otherwise stipulated, trial is to be calendared within 150 days from the date the presiding judge is assigned. The “extent to which discovery is allowed is in the discretion of the presiding judge.” The Short Trial rules require initial disclosures, a jointly submitted Stipulated Scheduling Order and Discovery Plan, and the exchange of documents not previously produced at the time the parties meet with the judge to confer. The number of jurors is limited to 4 (or 6 if good cause is shown) and trial time is limited to 9 hours per side, inclusive of voir dire.

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