University of Denver

Skills & Values: Lawyering Process, Legal Writing & Advocacy

Professor David Thomson of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law has publshed a new textbook entitled Skills & Values: Lawyering Process, Legal Writing & Advocacy. Thomson differentiates the book from traditional law school texts in three major ways. First, he wrote the text as a hybrid model, meaning half of the course material appears in the textbook and the other half can be accessed by students online through the interactive Lexis Web Courses platform. Second, the course material dedicates less time to reading and more time for students to engage with the course material through practice and application. Third, Thomson notes that because students encounter legal research and writing for the first time in year one, they need less in-depth coverage and more opportunity to practice the skills taught through the course. Despite having less in-depth coverage than a traditional textbook, this new coursebook provides a wealth of information that gives students an introduction to the key aspects of the lawyering process. Topics range from understanding what lawyers do, to research, writing, citation, writing style, drafting, persuasion, and oral arguments. Each chapter provides introductory reading on each topic, with supplemental reading offered by the professor, along with and examples, quizzes, checklists, and tutorials provided online.