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The legal market is changing, and legal employers and members of the profession are increasingly calling on law schools to change the way they educate lawyers. Meanwhile, more information, data, and resources are being developed to help law schools and legal educators improve their programs and demonstrate greater value to students and the profession. Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers is at that intersection, bringing the profession and law schools together to solve the challenges before us.


By the Numbers

Choosing a law school—or whether to go to law school—can be one of the most important decisions you will make in life. IAALS offered data-fueled...

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The Young Lawyer Editorial Board of The American Lawyer recently called out a growing disconnect between the skills and training law students are receiving and the tasks new lawyers are asked to complete in practice. For example, new lawyers today are often asked to manage both teams and deadline schedules, and also to...Read More
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The Colorado Supreme Court’s Attorney Regulation Counsel recently released statistics on the state’s legal employment, which revealed an interesting trend. According to the Denver Business Journal, the study found that fewer than half of the 1,473 active female attorneys younger than 30 years old are working in law firms...Read More
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In the last blog, we explained that the 77 foundations survey respondents identified as being necessary for new lawyers in the short term are largely consistent and definitive across respondents. Still, there were a few differences that highlight foundations some practice settings emphasize over others. Similarly, when we...Read More
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