University of Denver

Instructions for Data Visualization Tool


  • If you do not change the default filter settings, the search will display results for all 24,137 responses to the survey.
  • For each filter, you can select as many or as few options as you like. To deselect an option, click on the “x” to the right of the word or phrase. Deselecting all options for a given filter is equivalent to selecting all.

Building a comparison: The tool allows for comparing two sets of results.

  • Conduct your initial search.
  • Click the “Build comparison” link just below the search filters.
  • Select filters for the comparison search in the dialog box that appears.

Low number of results: Depending on your selected filters, some searches may yield a low number of responses. The tool will indicate when a search yields 99 or fewer results.

Foundation text: The full Foundation text (as presented in the survey) is displayed just above each donut chart when viewing results by individual foundation and by hovering the cursor over the bar when viewing results by necessity rating. Character count limitations necessitate shortened descriptions elsewhere.

New search: To begin a completely new search, click “Reset filters” at the bottom right of the search filter screen.

Rounding: Some results add up to 99% or 101%. This is a result of rounding.