University of Denver


The legal market is changing, and the legal profession is increasingly calling on law schools to change the way they educate lawyers. Meanwhile, more information, data, and resources are being developed to help legal educators improve their programs. Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers is at that intersection, bringing the profession and law schools together to solve the challenges before us.
Divorce, separation, and custody cases are the way in which the vast majority of Americans will be involved with our courts. The Honoring Families Initiative is dedicated to promoting new ways to handle these issues that ensure better outcomes for children, less-adversarial approaches for spouses/parents, and greater accessibility for everyone involved, including those without a lawyer.
How does someone become a judge in the United States? The answer varies, and some methods for selecting judges are more effective than others. The Quality Judges Initiative is dedicated to promoting models for choosing, evaluating, and retaining judges that preserve impartiality, ensure public accountability, and keep politics from undermining the critical role of our judiciary.
In many jurisdictions around the country today, the civil justice system takes too long and costs too much. Many deserving cases are not filed, while others settle due to the expense of litigation. The Rule One Initiative is dedicated to promoting models that ensure access to justice, an efficient court process, and an accountable system.