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New Jersey Complex Business Litigation Program

In November 2014, the New Jersey Supreme Court approved implementation of the Complex Business Litigation Program, which arose out of recommendations made by the Working Group on Business Litigation. The Working Group focused on assessing the needs of the New Jersey business community, and it concluded that those needs could be served without making structural changes to the state judiciary. It recommended to the Court that at least one judge in each judicial district with a background in or familiarity with complex business issues should be assigned to handle these matters.    

The Complex Business Litigation Program went into effect on January 1, 2015. Eligible cases include those involving complex commercial or construction disputes in which the amount in controversy is at least $200,000, although parties may file a motion for inclusion where the amount is under this required threshold. Once in the Program, the assigned judge will oversee a case from start to finish. Furthermore, participating judges are expected to issue at least two written opinions a year, to enrich the body of New Jersey case law governing business disputes.

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