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New Jersey: Proposed Pilot Expedited Civil Action Program

In April 2014, the New Jersey Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Expedited Civil Actions issued a report recommending a number of ideas to improve the timeliness of civil cases, including a mandatory pilot program focused on streamlining pre-trial and trial procedures so as to achieve a more efficient and less costly resolution. The Committee recommended adoption of the pilot program for all Track 1 and Track 2 cases (which include property and contract disputes and insurance suits) in a few counties.

Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, who formed the committee in May 2013, noted in the April 2014 press release that “The recommendations of the committee help address access to justice issues in civil cases. Under the proposed pilot project, parties would be able to have their day in court and proceed to trial more promptly, the cost of discovery and litigation as a whole would be more affordable, and judges could oversee cases more effectively. I look forward to public comments about these important recommendations.” Written comments were accepted through June 6, 2014.

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