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Northern District of California: Expedited Trial Procedure

The Northern District of California adopted General Order No. 64: Expedited Trial Procedure in June 2011. The procedure is “meant to offer an abbreviated, efficient and cost-effective litigation and trial alternative.” Participation in the procedure is consensual and the outcome is binding. The goal of the expedited trial procedure is to hold the trial—before a judge or jury—no later than six months after the agreement to participate is approved by the court. The procedure requires initial disclosures and discovery, including expert discovery, is presumptively limited. Parties may not file pretrial motions without leave of court and rights to appeal are limited.

For more information regarding the Expedited Trial Procedure for the Northern District of California, see General Order No. 64, which includes the (Form) Agreement for Expedited Trial and Request for Approval, (Form) Standing Order for All Judges of the Northern District of California—Contests of Joint Case Management Statement, and (Form) Standing Order for All Judges of the Northern District of California—Joint Expedited Case Management Statement.

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