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Ohio Launches Two Civil Justice Initiative Pilot Projects

In March 2018, Ohio’s Advisory Committee on Case Management (ACCM) created a subcommittee based on the Civil Justice Initiative Pilot Project, intending to streamline civil case processes.

The ACCM provides ongoing advice to the Ohio Supreme Court and its staff on uniform standards for case management and statistical reporting in Ohio courts, develops and delivers case management services to Ohio courts—including training programs for judges and court personnel—and considers any other issues the advisory committee deems necessary to improve case management in Ohio courts.

In 2019, the first pilot project launched at the Chardon Municipal Courthouse, starting with a landscape study of the court’s civil cases to optimize case processing and case management. The review included identifying key performance indicators for clearance rates, overage rates, time to disposition, and the number of event settings. The review also measured processing times between key events, the proportion of parties who are represented by counsel, and the effects of representation on the time to disposition and the number of settings.

The second pilot project with Judge Richard Frye of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court will conduct the same landscape of civil caseloads in 2020. The local rules also specify case flow management expectations and case tracks with specific resolution timeframes. The rules focus on triaging and automated case flow management to achieve right-sized case management consistent with the Call to Action recommendations.

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