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U.S. Attorney John Walsh Encourages Pro Bono Experience in Shaping Law Students

Alli Gerkman
In his Voices from the Field interview, John Walsh, U.S. Attorney for the District of Colorado, encourages legal education reformers to consider new strategies to help teach students more than just legal analysis and case reading, so that they have a better idea of what to expect when they walk into a courtroom as new...

Video: Three Questions About the Future of Legal Education—What Are Your Answers?

Alli Gerkman
In October, we had a room full of people abuzz with talk about the present state of legal education and its future. These were educators and practitioners who are already working together to change legal education to meet the needs of the profession. So it's not a surprise that when we asked some of them three...

60,000 Calculations and Counting: Law Jobs Calculator Sheds Light on Law School Employment Outcomes

Alli Gerkman
Since launch, nearly 60,000 calculations have been made using the calculator, which gives prospective law students the most transparent and complete law school employment rate information available. We were also featured prominently on the home page of the ABA's website, and we made several improvements to the tool to...