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New Publication Summarizes Empirical Research on the Civil Justice Process

Brittany Kauffman
Corina D. Gerety
A national conversation is ongoing about the future of our civil justice system, and research is being conducted on the litigation process by a number of individuals and organizations. To help make sense of the latest research and to bring it down to a manageable size, we have created a new report that synthesizes the...

Western District of Pennsylvania E-Discovery Special Masters Pilot a Success

Brittany Kauffman
In 2010, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania established an E-Discovery Special Masters Pilot Program with the goal of developing an approved list of special masters to assist with monitoring electronic discovery compliance, narrowing and facilitating resolution of e-discovery disputes,...

Advisory Committee Approves Duke Package and Last-Minute Streamlined Rule 37(e)

Brittany Kauffman
At the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules’ meeting last week in Portland, Oregon, the Committee voted to adopt the Duke Conference “package” of amendments, as well as a last minute revised and streamlined Rule 37(e). The Committee considered and approved for adoption the package of amendments as laid out in the Agenda...

Agenda Book Provides Insights Into Possible Revisions to Proposed Rule Amendments Following Comment Period

Brittany Kauffman
The Agenda Book for the upcoming meeting of the federal Advisory Committee on Civil Rules (April 10-11, 2014) is now available online. The Agenda Book includes reports from the Duke and Discovery Subcommittees, along with the Subcommittees' current proposed rule amendments and Committee Notes, taking into account the...

U.S. Access to Justice Gap Garners International Attention and Scrutiny

Natalie Anne Knowlton
Brittany Kauffman
Access to justice is by no means a new conversation in the United States, but it has been a frequent topic of conversation over the last few months. The issue took to the international stage last Thursday and Friday when the United Nations Human Rights Committee asked the U.S. to account for its growing civil justice...

Preliminary Results Reflect Growing Belief that Utah Rule Reforms Having Intended Impact

Brittany Kauffman
In a recent post on the long-awaited results from pilot project experimentation around the country, we shared evaluations from the New Hampshire and Boston Litigation Session pilot projects. Initial data is now available from Utah as well, where significant rule changes were implemented in 2011, including...

Conference of Chief Justices Takes Important Step Toward Civil Justice Improvement

Brittany Kauffman
The Conference of Chief Justices has established a new committee that will evaluate civil justice improvement efforts around the country and develop guidelines and best practices for civil litigation, as well as case-flow management. The National Center for State Courts has also undertaken a research project to inform...

Long-Awaited Results from Pilot Project Experimentation around the Country Begin to Filter In

Brittany Kauffman
For those who have been awaiting empirical analysis from the pilot project and rules reform experimentation that has been going on around the country, there are two new significant reports from the earliest of the projects—from New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Both reports provide helpful insights into state pilot...

As Comment Period Nears Its End, IAALS and Others Share Comments and Testimony on Proposed Federal Rules Changes

Brittany Kauffman
The last of three hearings on the proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is being held today in Dallas, Texas, and our Executive Director, Rebecca Love Kourlis, is among those testifying. IAALS has submitted a Joint Comment with the ACTL Task Force on Discovery and Civil Justice, as well as a...