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One Model Discovery Order That Can Make a Difference, One Case at a Time

Brittany Kauffman
Judge Paul W. Grimm is well known for his contributions in the area of improving the pretrial discovery process, particularly with regard to the discovery of electronically stored information. Judge Grimm’s Discovery Order provides an excellent model for facilitating judicial management, and we recommend it to state...

Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Approves Model Discovery Plan and Case Management Order

Brittany Kauffman
The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Committee, which for many years has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce the cost and burden of electronic discovery consistent with the goals of Rule 1, now provides another important resource for practitioners and judges everywhere. The Committee, which is...

Federal Rule Amendment Package Approved for Publication: An Important Step Forward

Brittany Kauffman
The Judicial Conference Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure this week approved a package of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for publication and public comment. The proposed amendments to Rules 1, 4, 16, 26, 30, 31, 33, 34, 36, and 37 form a “package” of proposed rule changes that...

Announcing the Second Annual Educational Summit for State Court Judges: Unlocking E-Discovery

Brittany Kauffman
This September, IAALS and the National Judicial College will host an educational summit exclusively tailored for state court judges on all facets of the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI)—from preservation to production to eventual use at trial. The Summit will feature nationally renowned speakers...

Minnesota Implements Pilot Expedited Litigation Track to Address Issues of Cost and Delay

Brittany Kauffman
The Minnesota Supreme Court continues to implement rule changes stemming from the recommendations of its Civil Justice Reform Task Force. On May 7, 2013, the Court adopted an Order authorizing the creation of a Pilot Expedited Civil Litigation Track "to promote efficiency in the processing of certain civil cases,"...