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States Get New Tools to Help the Civil Justice System Reform Process

Brittany Kauffman
Across the nation, states are reforming the civil justice system. They are taking action in response to the Conference of Chief Justices' (CCJ) and Conference of State Court Administrators' (COSCA) endorsement of 13 recommendations focused on ensuring our courts are affordable, efficient, and fair for all. States are...

Civil Rules Advisory Subcommittee Requests Comment on Rule 30(b)(6) Experiences

Brittany Kauffman
Last year the Civil Rules Advisory Committee took up the topic of Rule 30(b)(6) depositions following the submittal of a letter by members of the Council and Federal Practice Task Force of the ABA Section of Litigation, in their individual capacities. Unlike individual depositions, Rule 30(b)(6) depositions are...

Task Force Releases “Bench Card," Additional Resources for Judges on Fines and Fees

Brittany Kauffman
Mark Staines
Debtor’s prisons have been illegal in the United States for nearly 200 years, and in 1983 the United State Supreme Court’s ruling in Bearden v. Georgia again made it clear that judges cannot send people to jail simply because they do not have the means to pay court fines. Despite this seemingly clear ruling, many...