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Short, Summary, and Expedited Trial Programs Across the Country in 2014

Brittany Kauffman
In 2014, we have continued to see a rise in the number of, and interest in, alternative processes designed to provide a more streamlined approach to the pretrial and trial process. While these programs are known by many different names, they all focus on increasing access to our civil justice system. Given the number...

IAALS Brings Together Corporate Leaders to Discuss Preservation in Practice

Brittany Kauffman
In November, IAALS convened a group of senior in-house counsel and corporate management from around the country to discuss discovery and the challenges of preservation and production. The convening focused on the proposed federal amendments to Rule 37(e) and the realities companies face on a daily basis, providing an...

Week Focused on Civil Justice Reform Culminates in Award Ceremony at Supreme Court

Brittany Kauffman
Last week, IAALS met with the other members and staff of the Conference of Chief Justices Civil Justice Improvements committee for its second plenary meeting in Washington D.C. The meeting was followed by the National Center for State Court’s Judicial Excellence Events, and culminated in an award ceremony where Chief...

Judicial Conference Forwards "Significant" Proposed Federal Rule Amendments to Supreme Court

Brittany Kauffman
On Tuesday, September 16, the Judicial Conference of the United States forwarded the proposed rule amendments to the Supreme Court with the recommendation that they be adopted. The announcement recognized that these amendments represent “significant” proposals designed to promote the just, speedy, and inexpensive...

New Report on Cost Allocation in Discovery Explores Lessons to be Learned at Home and Abroad

Brittany Kauffman
Over the last seven years, we have focused much of our time and effort on ways to improve the effectiveness of discovery, due in large part to the expanding world of electronically stored information. In our new report, we review the laws in the United States and other countries and provide examples of, and analogies...

Additional Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Published

Brittany Kauffman
The latest round of proposed amendments published for comment appear to be just housekeeping measures, and therefore are not nearly as significant as the proposed amendments that were published for comment last August. These newest proposals include a clarifying amendment to Rule 4, removal of service by electronic...