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We Asked, You Answered: Thousands of Lawyers Participate in Foundations Survey

Alli Gerkman
Corina D. Gerety
A year ago, we launched Foundations for Practice and kicked off a study to achieve the project’s first objective: to identify the foundations entry-level lawyers need to practice law. In late 2014, we began distributing a survey to lawyers across the country to do just that. Working with state bar organizations, we...

New Publication Summarizes Empirical Research on the Civil Justice Process

Brittany Kauffman
Corina D. Gerety
A national conversation is ongoing about the future of our civil justice system, and research is being conducted on the litigation process by a number of individuals and organizations. To help make sense of the latest research and to bring it down to a manageable size, we have created a new report that synthesizes the...

IAALS Releases Preliminary Findings on Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project

Corina D. Gerety
IAALS is pleased to announce the completion of its preliminary evaluation report on the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project (CAPP), which tests a new set of pre-trial procedures for business actions in state district court. Our initial analysis reveals that the CAPP process as a whole has succeeded in achieving many...

Recipe for Rules Change Success: An Update on Colorado's Pilot Project Evaluation

Corina D. Gerety
This short update on the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project evaluation provides information on the specifics and timing of the evaluation that IAALS is conducting in Colorado. We hope this information will provide some reassurance to the Colorado legal community on what to expect in the coming year, while also...

A Roadmap for Changing Court Procedures to Improve the Civil Justice System

Corina D. Gerety
Over the past few years, IAALS has been tracking the Colorado Civil Access Pilot Project, along with numerous other rules projects across the country. These efforts are aimed at providing greater access to civil justice and at better achieving the goals of a just, speedy, and inexpensive civil justice system. This new...

New IAALS Study Asks and Answers "What Has Happened with Rule 16.1 in Colorado?"

Corina D. Gerety
IAALS has just released a Rule One Initiative research report entitled Measuring Rule 16.1: Colorado’s Simplified Procedure Experiment. In 2004, the Colorado Supreme Court put in place Rule 16.1, a voluntary pretrial process for smaller dollar-volume civil cases, with the hope of providing a more efficient path to...