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Judge Posner, Self-Represented Litigants, and Changing Our Legal System

Dona Playton
By now, the word is out that Judge Richard A. Posner is retiring from the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. His retirement was unexpected, but his stated reasons for doing so shouldn’t be. In correspondence announcing his departure, Judge Posner sites apparent “difficulty” with his colleagues on the bench over the...

Better Access through Unbundling: IAALS and ABA Host Conference on Implementation

Dona Playton
The legal industry is changing. In some courts, upwards of 80% of civil and family cases involve litigants who are navigating the court system without any form of legal assistance. Research has confirmed that the primary reason so many do not have the benefit of a lawyer is because of cost. The inability to afford an...

Access to Legal Services for Low Income People on President’s List of Cuts

Dona Playton
On the front of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C., is the proclamation “Equal Justice Under Law.” However, according to our Cases Without Counsel study, in some jurisdictions nearly 80 percent of people with a court case end up representing themselves. For many, not being able to afford a...

Demand and Supply: Perspectives on Access and Quality of Family Law Services

Dona Playton
A new report conducted by Ecorys UK, Experiences of consumers who may be vulnerable in family law , explores the impacts of personal and situational vulnerabilities for people seeking legal assistance with family law matters. Specifically, the study explored access, cost, and quality of legal representation in the...