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LawyerSlack: An Informal Survey of Career Paths, Helpful Jobs, What to Avoid

Keith Lee
A while back, Alli Gerkman wrote about the importance of life experience for new lawyers. But lawyers often don’t discuss these experiences on resumes or in interviews. They try to keep their background “strictly legal.” But the Foundations for Practice survey indicates that employers are looking for new hires that...

2017 ETL Conference Brings New Perspectives to Help Face New Challenges

Keith Lee
The legal profession is amid one of its most tumultuous periods ever. The way law firms conduct business is changing. Technology is upending many long held established practices. New entrants are entering the market and changing the way legal services are provided. And while there may be pros and cons to these changes...

Ten Years of IAALS: Walking the Walk with Legal Education Reform

Guest Post
Keith Lee
There is lots of talk about making changes in legal education at law schools. That's no surprise, law professors love to talk. If they loved practicing law, they'd be lawyers. Instead, ensconced in the ivory tower, safe from the perils of the real world, they leisurely debate what should happen to those poor souls (...