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Polish President Vetoes Judiciary Reform Laws, Puts Rule of Law before Rule of Men

Malia Reddick
Late last week, tens of thousands of Polish citizens took to the streets—and citizens around the world took to social media—to protest three legislative proposals that would severely impair the independence of Poland’s judiciary and weaken the Rule of Law in the country. Protesters used the hashtag #wolnesady, or "...

State Legislatures Considering Range of Measures to Limit Judicial Independence

Malia Reddick
As reported by the Washington Post , the President is not the only one who has taken on the courts recently: it is also happening in state legislatures around the country. This comes as no surprise to state court watchers; in fact, legislation targeting state courts for unpopular decisions is now commonplace. (Our...

IAALS Contributes Chapter on JPE to Latest Edition of Long-Running ABA Publication

Malia Reddick
Based on its decade of work in the field of judicial performance evaluation (JPE), IAALS was invited to contribute a chapter on this topic to the recently published 8th edition of the American Bar Association’s The Improvement of the Administration of Justice . First published in 1938 and popularly known as the “...

2016 Marks 50th Anniversary of Merit Selection for Judges in Colorado

Malia Reddick
Since Colorado is IAALS’ home base, we are thrilled to join in the celebration of the state’s 50th anniversary of the adoption of merit selection for judges. Colorado was at the forefront of a national merit selection movement that took place in the mid- and late-twentieth century. Missouri was the first state, in...

National Groups Provide Insight and Remedies to Promote a More Diverse Bench

Malia Reddick
National organizations that work to ensure fair, trusted, and accountable courts are increasingly recognizing the potential for implicit bias to obstruct this goal, particularly when such bias is brought to bear in the selection and evaluation of judges. Defined as attitudes or stereotypes that affect our...