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Kansans Gearing Up for Contentious, and Likely Costly, Judicial Retention Elections

Malia Reddick
This November, five of the seven justices on the Kansas Supreme Court are standing for retention, and many court watchers in Kansas and around the country are anticipating a no-holds-barred election battle. The supreme court on one side and the governor and legislature on the other have been at odds for the last...

New Study: Elected State Supreme Court Justices More Likely to Uphold Death Sentences

Malia Reddick
According to a new study by Reuters , in states where supreme court justices are elected and reelected by the voters, justices uphold death sentences more often than their counterparts in states where justices stand for retention or reappointment. Reuters reviewed outcomes of 2,012 death penalty cases in 37 states...

IAALS and Justice O’Connor: How Governors Should Fill Interim Court Vacancies

Malia Reddick
Are you a governor of a state that elects supreme court justices? You may be hearing from us. The Quality Judges Initiative at IAALS, along with Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and other members of our advisory committee, has been reaching out to governors of these states to urge them to use nominating commissions when...