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Legislators in Two States Look to Alter Judicial Performance Evaluations

Malia Reddick
Socially conservative legislators in Alaska have proposed a bill that would remove the judicial council’s authority to make recommendations regarding judges standing for retention. In Tennessee, legislators have proposed a bill that would allow them to reconstitute the nine-member performance evaluation commission...

Former Pennsylvania Governors Make Bipartisan Push to End Judicial Elections

Malia Reddick
Four former Pennsylvania governors, including two Democrats and two Republicans, joined together in expressing support for a proposal to change the way the state’s appellate judges are selected. A bill introduced in the senate in January calls for appellate judges to be chosen through a merit selection process rather...

Kansas Legislature Approves New Selection Method for Court of Appeals Judges

Malia Reddick
By a vote of 28-12, the senate gave final approval to a bill that ends the role of the nominating commission in appointing court of appeals judges and requires senate confirmation of such appointments. The house of representatives passed the bill earlier this month. The constitution need not be amended to accomplish...