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U.S. Supreme Court: States Can Ban Judicial Candidates from Personally Seeking Campaign Cash

Malia Reddick
In a ruling that took some fair courts advocates by surprise, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the authority of states to bar judges and judicial candidates from personally soliciting campaign contributions. Chief Justice Roberts delivered the majority opinion in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar , holding that “[a]...

Former Alabama Chief Justice Shares Firsthand Perspective on Judicial Elections and Impartial Courts

Malia Reddick
In a recent Politico piece, the former chief justice of Alabama's supreme court offered a firsthand perspective on the relationship between electing judges and maintaining impartial courts and judges, and other judges have shared similar sentiments. In 2012, Chief Justice Cobb participated in an IAALS roundtable,...

O'Connor Advisory Committee Member Cited in Support of Impartial Kansas Courts

Malia Reddick
As has become standard operating procedure in the last several sessions, the Kansas legislature is once again considering proposals to alter the process for selecting the state's appellate judges. Chief Justice Lawton Nuss has spoken out against efforts to end Kansas' merit selection process for appellate judges and...

Bar Rating Process for Pennsylvania Judicial Candidates Comes Under Fire

Malia Reddick
Pennsylvania is one of two states that is electing supreme court justices in 2015. To provide the public with information about judges on the ballot, the Pennsylvania Bar Association offers ratings of appellate judicial candidates provided by the Bar's Judicial Evaluation Commission (JEC). But, a sitting commonwealth...