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Rhode Island's Judicial Nominating Commission Considers Changes to Its Procedures

Malia Reddick
Rhode Island's judicial nominating commission met recently to discuss potential improvements to the commission's work. Much of the discussion focused on the transparency of the process. The governor has allotted $7,500 to hire an expert to advise the commission on its procedures, with any proposed changes subject to a...

Tort Reform Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows in Texas Judicial Elections

Malia Reddick
Texas' Republican primary elections on March 4 have brought together an unusual combination of candidates and campaign contributors, at least with respect to the state's highest court. The incumbent Republican justices have received support from a typical source—advocates of tort reform and limitations on civil...

Selection Reform Proposals Trend toward Enhancing Gubernatorial Authority

Malia Reddick
There are several anticipated efforts in 2014 to alter processes for selecting state court judges, particularly in states with commission-based gubernatorial appointment of appellate judges. In Kansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, as in Arizona and Florida in recent years, legislative proposals are aimed at directly or...

After a Judge Invalidates Its Composition, Tennessee JPE Commission Releases 2014 Evaluations

Malia Reddick
A Tennessee trial court judge has ruled that the composition of the state's judicial performance evaluation commission violates the state constitution. Despite invalidating the commission's composition, the judge did not enjoin its operation, and, three days after the ruling, the commission released its final...