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Effort Underway to Put Elections for Missouri's Appellate Judges on the 2014 Ballot

Malia Reddick
Opponents of commission-based appointment of judges—also known as the Missouri Plan, for the state in which the judicial selection process originated—have obtained approval from the secretary of state for two identically worded proposed constitutional amendments that would establish contested elections for Missouri's...

As Inter-Branch Tensions Persist in New Jersey, State Bar Creates Task Force

Malia Reddick
Two retired judges will co-chair a new task force on judicial independence established by the New Jersey Bar Association. The task force will direct its efforts at "current threats to weaken our judiciary." There is longstanding tension between Governor Chris Christie and the legislature when it comes to making...

North Carolina Bar Association Breaks New Ground in Evaluating Judges

Malia Reddick
In 2012, North Carolina was the only state with contested judicial elections in which voters were provided with performance evaluations of the judicial candidates—both sitting judges and challengers—on their ballot. It is fairly common for bar associations to offer ratings of sitting judges standing for retention or...