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Malia Reddick on Maintaining Confidence in Delaware's Judicial Nominating Commission System

Riley Combelic
Delaware Law Weekly recently published an article discussing how judicial vacancies are filled in Delaware. Specifically, the article focused on the state’s Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) and whether it is appropriate for members of the JNC to resign and then apply for judicial positions. IAALS's own Malia...

When Law Schools and Students Fill the Justice Gap, Is Everyone Served?

Riley Combelic
Like the United States, the United Kingdom has historically faced a lack of legal representation for low income individuals. The apparent lack of resources in both countries has highlighted a perceived remedy: law students working with those in need of legal services. While many people view this solution as beneficial...

Three Colorado Judges Expand Recommendations from "Working Smarter, Not Harder"

Zachary Willis
Riley Combelic
Three Colorado jurists who were identified as outstanding case managers in Working Smarter, Not Harder: How Excellent Judges Manage Cases have shared their expanded views of successful practices in an article for The Colorado Lawyer . The judges cover some of the more practical suggestions they have for fellow judges...

Ten Lessons Law Schools Can Learn from Other Educational Programs in Evaluating Their Curriculum

Riley Combelic
Professor Debra Moss Curtis has published an article calling for legal educators to look at other programs in higher education, as well as experts who study education, as guidance when considering reform within legal education. The article outlines suggestions that “should be considered by every institution," many of...