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Welcoming Loyola Chicago and Georgia State to Our Law School Consortium

Zachary Willis
We are excited to announce that two new law schools have joined the Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers Consortium: Loyola University Chicago and Georgia State University. Members of the Consortium demonstrate significant institutional commitment to reforming legal education through innovation, which can include Carnegie-...

IAALS Executive Director Provides Insight into Merit Selection Proposal in Pennsylvania

Zachary Willis
The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently published an article about proposed legislation to change the Pennsylvania judicial selection process. IAALS Executive Director Rebecca Love Kourlis was interviewed in the article about the proposed legislation and the benefits of merit selection. She noted that the Pennsylvania...

Evaluating Our Appellate Judges: Reviewing Performance and Informing Voters

Zachary Willis
Appellate judges in 38 states stand for election. But how much do we know about them? Are they fair? Do they write opinions that parties can understand? Are they doing a good job? With only a fraction of states providing such information about appellate judges, very few voters have what they need to make an informed...

New and Familiar Faces to Lead IAALS Communications and Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers

Zachary Willis
IAALS is pleased to announce that it is welcoming a new Director of Communications and Marketing and a new Director of its national legal education initiative. Alli Gerkman took the helm as the first full-time director of Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers in May. She joined IAALS in 2011 and has served as its Director of...

Implicit Bias in Our Courts: From Juries to Judicial Performance Evaluation

Zachary Willis
Richard Gabriel recently penned an article for CNN following the conclusion of the George Zimmerman trial, in which he referenced several reports that examine potential biases in the justice system. Among them was IAALS’ Leveling the Playing Field: Gender, Ethnicity, and Judicial Performance Evaluation , which...

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to Deliver 3rd Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture

Zachary Willis
On September 17, 2013, IAALS and the Byron R. White Center are bringing United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (ret.) to Colorado to deliver the 3rd Annual John Paul Stevens Lecture. The Stevens Lecture brings a well-known jurist to the University of Colorado Law School each year. Registration for the...