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Cases Without Counsel

Voice Lessons: What We Can Learn by Listening to People Who've Been to Court

Janet Drobinske
Dedicated judges, attorneys, and court administrators have the power to establish justice in our modern time. By gathering the input of those who use the court system, who rely on it to decide some of the most important issues in our lives—like divorce and child custody—we help ensure that the courts function in a way...

Latest IAALS Reports Give Voice to Growing Numbers of Self-Represented Litigants

Carolyn A. Tyler
Zachary Willis
Today, IAALS unveiled two new reports—one of which captures the experiences of litigants navigating U.S. family courts without attorneys, and the other makes recommendations for courts and others to help better serve these litigants. There is broad consensus that, in some courts, upwards of 80–90% of family cases...