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IAALS' Michael Houlberg Discusses Court Innovation on Pandemic Positives Webinar

Maddie Hosack
Earlier this month, IAALS Manager Michael Houlberg joined Presiding Judge Clemens Landau of the Salt Lake City Justice Court for a webinar that covered new ideas and practices that legal service providers have developed from the COVID-19 pandemic—many of which may bolster the justice system long into the future.

Unprecedented Situations, Innovative Solutions: The Rhode Island Superior Court’s Plan to Save Businesses

Brian P. Stern
Mary Poirier
In response to the aftermath caused by COVID-19 to businesses throughout the state of Rhode Island, the state’s Superior Court implemented a Business Recovery Plan with the goal of preserving businesses as they climb through recovery and stabilize their operations and accounts.

Expert Opinion: State Courts, You’ve Had the Framework to Adapt to COVID-19 All Along

Brooke Meyer
Courts currently face a backlog of civil cases that have been placed on hold since mid-March, as well as a predicted wave of case filings stemming from the pandemic. Courts need a framework to adapt to their new reality—and they already have that framework and tools to make meaningful and mandatory changes.

Expert Opinion: In the Face of a Justice Crisis, There Is Strength in Numbers

Brittany Kauffman
Courts around the country are focused on staying open to ensure access to justice is available; however, with so many doing so much, we need to ensure cross-pollination of these varied ideas by sharing knowledge and combining our collective intellectual capacity across the various silos within our system.

CCJ and COSCA Release Guiding Principles for Post-Pandemic Court Technology

Maddie Hosack
Courts across the country have made giant strides in the use of technology in the wake of COVID-19. The Conference of Chief Justices and Conference of State Court Administrators are urging state court officials to continue this momentum, and they have recommended six principles related to courts’ use of technology...