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New Pandemic Protocols for Litigation Will Help Struggling Businesses and Their Insurers

Kelsey Montague
IAALS has launched a new project to help courts more quickly resolve the anticipated wave of business interruption insurance cases stemming from COVID-19-related closures and losses. The project will develop pattern discovery protocols specific to these cases, in an effort to reduce conflict and cost and to help both...

To the Federal Courts: Don’t Abandon Current Emergency Measures on Virtual Technology—Evaluate Them Instead

Brooke Meyer
In a recent article, IAALS Board of Advisors Member Jeremy Fogel challenges federal courts to use the data and information gathered through COVID-19-related emergency measures to evaluate and implement more modern court processes going forward. The federal courts’ remote technology response is unprecedented in its...

Law School Clinics Still Serving the Public and Training Students during COVID-19 Pandemic

Dona Playton
The COVID-19 pandemic poses unique challenges to lawyers and law students alike. For many students enrolled in live-client clinics, the challenges of meeting their clients' needs in a transitional environment are particularly demanding. Yet these law students in clinical programs have a unique opportunity to rise to...

State Justice Institute Hosts Webinar to Kick Off Funding Toolkit

Natalie Anne Knowlton
Michael Houlberg
On April 10, the State Justice Institute hosted a webinar to launch its new Funding Toolkit for State Courts and Justice System Partners. The toolkit is designed to support courts and their partners as they pursue federal and philanthropic funding opportunities, and includes resources that cover the entire grant-...

ABA Resolution Urges States to Authorize Legal Practice by Law School Graduates Despite Bar Exam Cancellations

Logan Cornett
On April 7, the ABA Board of Governors approved a resolution urging state licensing authorities to immediately adopt emergency rules that would authorize recent law school graduates to practice law without passing a bar exam, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

National Study of the Needs for Justice in the U.S. and New Question Around COVID-19

Martin Gramatikov
Rodrigo Nunez
The United States of America leads the world in many areas of democracy, technology, economy, and culture, but what holds back American citizens from accessing justice when they need it? In times of extreme uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, this is a critical question.